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USB Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser


This USB Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is a great tool to aid relaxation and increase the room humidity. This USB portable humidifier comes with anti-slip silicone pad at the bottom and 6 colors changing LED lights. Aroma humidifier features wood grain design and touch sensitive power on/off; Connect to USB for charge. Can hold up to 130ml of water and produce up to 15ml of moisture per hour. Silence Operation: Super quiet, will not bother you when you sleep or work. Equipped with soft and colorful led light and is ideal to serve as night light. Can help purify and improve air quality, ease tension, reduce illnesses, enhance immunity. This USB Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier comes with 130ml water tank. The cool mist can run up to 4 hours of continuous output. The body is coated with wood grain, which makes the diffuser looks very natural and primitive. It has a compact and portable design and can be easily carried anywhere you like. Perfect as a decorative piece, perfect for living room, bedroom, yoga room, office, reception center, or any other private/public circumstances.



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USB Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

  • The USB Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser comes with humidifying function and aromatherapy function, subtle mist can remove static electricity, reduce the radiation of electronic original products, reduce the dust and formaldehyde and other harmful gas pollution in your room; plays a protective role on the human eye and skin; light fragrance can ease the mood.
  • Relax; activate a variety of enzymes in the body, promote metabolism and other effects. The manufacture of reactive oxygen species, improve lung function: negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the body, the human body inhaled oxygen negative ions, the lungs can increase absorption of oxygen by 20%.
  • Bactericidal function: Negative ion generator produces a large number of negative ions at the same time will produce trace ozone, the two more easily absorbed all kinds of viruses, bacteria, resulting in structural changes or energy transfer, leading to its death. High-grade ultrasonic atomization humidifier, the use of high-quality fog 2.4MHz fog system fine, does not wet the desktop. 
  • Support for regular functions: Standard automatic dry-type water-proof lack of power, there are seven colorful ambient nightlights and support for color monochromatic light. Great contrast indoor atmosphere; suitable for bedroom, office, reception, hotel room, beauty salon and other places.


1. Material: PP ABS
2. Capacity of water tank: About 130ML
3. Noise Level: less than 35 dB
4. Input power: DC 5V
5. Working time: less than 4 hours (working until waterless)
6. Button type: touch button
7. Size: 97*970mm (diamater*height)
8. Power: 3W
9. Water lack prection: Yes

Notes: Essential oil is not included in the package.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Aromatherapy Humidifier
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * USB Power Cable
  • 1 * 10mL Essential Oil Fragrance Worth $6.95!

Additional information


Dark Wood, Light Wood

Oil Essence

Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree


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