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Lemongrass Essential Oil for Oil Diffusers


Lemongrass Essential Oil essence is effective on skin whitening, balance oil secretion, shrink pores, improve micro vascular rupture, and soften the skin, treated by sores and flat wart. Sterilization, stimulate the blood circulation, improve digestion, enhance immunity, reduce muscle pain, anti-rheumatism, improve the cold, anemia and help with lymphatic drainage.




Lemongrass Essential Oil for Oil Diffusers

Lemongrass Essential Oil has an extremely strong fresh, lemony, grassy, and earthy aroma presenting a top-middle fragrance note. Lemongrass Essential Oil may help tone muscle and joint tissues by stimulating regeneration, especially post workout or other normal strains as well as deter pests from your house. Lemongrass provides a pungent, smoky aroma, and offers purifying and toning benefits for the skin.

About the product

  • Perfect for Oil Diffusers: Lemongrass has a natural lemony, sweet, clean aroma that makes it perfect for freshening up your living space. To reduce stress and irritability, add a few drops to a diffuser to enjoy the uplifting aroma.
  • Lemongrass essential oil is made using a proprietary steam distillation process to extract the oil from lemongrass leaves and woody stalks of the plant. We choose this process so you receive the purest oil with the most concentrated scent. Our 100% pure therapeutic grade lemongrass essential oils are great for relaxing yet invigorating massages when diluted with carrier oils.
  • Natural and Effective: Lemongrass essential oil is closely related to citronella and may help repel bees, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and ants in a natural way, due to its high citral and geraniol content. If you’re a beekeeper, lemongrass oil is great to attract and lure swarms to bait hives. Put a couple drops of the oil inside the entrance of your hive and wait for the bees to come!
  • Put Nature’s Cure To Use: This Lemongrass Essential Oil is non-toxic, undiluted, 100% pure and has no additives. Research suggests, but does not prove, that lemongrass oils may help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
  • Contains 15mL bottle of 100% pure, concentrated Lemongrass Essential Oil

Get Your Lemongrass Essential Oil Today

✓ 100% Natural, Vegan, Pesticides Free & Pure
✓ Food grade, Therapeutic grade & Undiluted
✓ Steam distilled Essential oils for its purest form
✓ Multi-purpose use, excellent for aromatherapy
✓ Great for gifts & using in personal care products


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